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gps software

GPS Software generally consists of some type of scrolling map program, with the GPS points and maps geo-referenced to a Latitude/Longitude datum. This works fine when viewing for general reference purposes, but many users of AutoCAD (or other CAD programs) wish they could take those points into their design environment. Now it is possible to do that (and much more) with GPS2CAD, one of the established GPS software products available.

With GPS2CAD (download a free copy here)it is possible to import GPS points into a program that performs a coordinate translation to one of many datums, including the popular NAD 27, NAD 83, and State Plane Coordinate System. It shows all the points, routes, and tracks in a main grid, with azimuth and distance between the points easily readable in another grid.

The program downloads points, routes, and tracks from the GPS unit, and will upload points and routes. This allows the user to make changes to the points, and even move them in AutoCAD, then re-upload them into the GPS unit. Even better, you can locate points on the aerial photo or topo map, place them in the grid, and upload those to the GPS or plot them in AutoCAD.

Viewing the imported points on actual public-domain aerial photos or topographic maps is an important part of this GPS software. These maps are obtained automatically when the user clicks the "View Points" button, and then displayed in a separate window with the map, points and id clearly plotted. The maps are free from TerraServer-USA . is a website that distributes U.S.G.S. aerial photos and topographic maps. It began as when Microsoft wanted a showcase for it's new database software, and the U.S.G.S needed an outlet for it's mapping products. They came together by forming a joint website and became well known in the GIS and mapping industry. After about two years the service became a fee-based subscription, and the free public domain mapping was placed on . This is the site that GPS2CAD used to "harvest" the maps needed to display the points

The program is designed to work with AutoCAD, versions 14.01 through 2004. In addition, it will export the point data to text files, Access 2000 files, and DXF files, so most technical/CAD programs (including AutoCAD LT) can use the point data.

Here's just a few of the major features of this remarkable GPS Software:

  • Plots the waypoints in AutoCAD

  • Plots the points on public domain Aerial Photos, Topographic maps, or Tiger (Census) maps from TerraServer-USA

  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2004

  • Converts points to State Plane Coordinate System

  • Performs a "Real Time" capture of points, plotting them in AutoCAD or into an Access 2000 Database

  • On-Line help system that always provides the latest information

  • DXF Export for use in other CAD programs

Purchasing now includes:

  • Free maintenance updates for one year

  • Preferred pricing for GPS2CAD-.Net (when available)

  • Special offers on other products

To Download a free Trial copy , Click Here







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