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What's New

The year 2005 has brought major improvements to GPS2CAD. Version 3.5 was released in January and includes several improvements, including many user requests:

Free Coordinate Conversion tool on line.

We have provided this Coordinate Conversion utility to illustrate the capabilities of GPS2CAD. Use it freely as our guest - no strings attached! On this page you can convert coordinates to and from more than 40 world- wide projections. This Coordinate Translation page illustrates just a few of the capabilities of GPS2CAD. 

New Import Engine
  A whole new "Import Engine" has been included in GPS2CAD to enhance it's compatibility with other software programs and survey equipment. This engine includes:  
  • Direct import of files exported from Garmin's MapSource and Magellan's MapSend . Each of these programs will export their point data into text files. GPS2CAD will now read these text files directly.
  • Import Wizard - to accomodate the many formats that different survey equipment exports their point data into, an "Import Wizard" has been created. This wizard has many steps that allows the user to select the correct information needed to import different text files.
New Program Functionality  
  • Save /Open Project - you can now save the project you are working on. The Save/Open feature maintains all the points, routes, and tracks, as well as program settings on the hard drive. This means you can disconnect the GPS unit and still go back to the information!
  • The program now starts with an invitation to view a Video Introduction and Quick Start
General Improvements and Fixes  
  • Several sections of the program have been re-written to streamline the code and make it quicker and more reliable.
Video Help Files  
  In addition to the regular web-page help files, we are producing "Video Help Files" to make it even easier to learn the different features of the program. This will be an ongoing project and will include not only help files for the program but general GPS - GIS subjects.  
New Website:  
  We are moving the main website support to This new site will be totally dedicated to the program and it's support. It is more streamlined, comprehensive, and easer to find what you're looking for.  
What's Next?  

GPS2CAD continues to improve and grow with the industry. The latest release, Ver. 3.7 will be the last version written in Visual Basic 6. There will be maintenance releases as necessary, but the "Next Stop" will be in the "Dot Net" platform.

This project is already underway, and holds great promise for more functionality. While I can't get into the details, just a few of the improvemnts we're looking at include:

  • Thumbwheel Zoom on the Maps - with the graphics capability in "Dot Net" we can do a zoom in/out feature on the maps recovered from TerraServer-USA. Although the maps will become more pixelated as you zoom in, it is still a very useful feature.
  • Benchmark Data recovery - Just like the public domain mapping available from Terraserver-USA, there are public databases of bench marks, waypoints, and place names. We plan to include a portion of the program that will incorporate this data and display it. For example, "Show all the Brass Caps within 500 ft. of point A"
  • Slimmed-Down versions - Not everyone needs all the features, so we will introduce an additional version that has fewer capabilites at a reducced price.
  There is a lot of work ahead for all this new technology, and we've set a target of mid-2006 for the first release of the "Dot Net" version of GPS2CAD.  









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